Project Testimonials

Throughout all of the projects the Aspen Corporation has gone above and beyond expectations and handled themselves in a very professional manner while completing all projects properly and ahead of schedule. The Aspen Corporation has had to overcome many hurdles, both environmentally and with the general site and conditions, to provide Nemacolin Woodlands Resort with many finished products that are second to none…Whatever the Aspen Corporation says they will do, they do.

Brian D. Anderson
CGCS, Director of Turfgrass Management


Sewickley Heights has a new eighteenth hole that generates great member enthusiasm. Even more telling is the fact that there has been an utter lack of any criticism at all over either the design or the quality of the finished hole. Boy oh boy, that is a rare thing! Congratulations and thank you for a job well done. I hope to see you and the Aspen crew here soon as we progress with implementing the Golf Course Master Plan.

Samuel K. Haapala
CCM General Manager


The Aspen Corporation has completed all of our projects on time and on budget despite serious challenges in each case. On site supervision was outstanding. Daily communication with a true desire to please is key to a successful project and Aspen succeeded each time.

Kyle Richardson
The Homestead Resort


Aspen’s transparency with the budget has been refreshing as they have met regularly with our team throughout the project to openly forecast potential cost savings as well as the cost impact of changes.

Bill Shonk
Princess Anne Country Club


Aspen was very active and involved in helping us value engineer the cost savings while delivering the quality product that everyone wanted. Aspen had other projects, but we only had one and it was a very important job for us; Aspen made us feel like it was a very important job for them as well!

Gary Beck
Chairman of the Golf Course Renewal Committee


The entire team of Aspen did an excellent job with regard to quality (10 out of 10), bar none the best I’ve ever seen. As a golf architect and former construction manager and shaper for Wadsworth, I recognize high-quality work and Aspen is the best finishing company in the industry and this was clearly evident on this project. They are true team players, collaborators an innovators in the golf industry. They will always be on my bid list.

Todd Schoeder


A well-prepared Aspen Corp. overcomes environmental restrictions and withstands bad weather to complete a renovation project at Wisp Resort. This golf course is the first one in Garrett County, Md., to have a project like this, and Aspen had to deal with two environmental agencies. They installed 22 sediment basins and used buffer strips of vegetation to protect a Class Tier II trout stream. It took one year to get a permit to remove a pond. Aspen did this all during record rainfall. They set up many silt fences and cleaned up a lot of silt. They had excellent erosion and sediment control, and responded to design changes and met all deadlines.

Terry Buchen
CGCS, MG President and Consulting Agronomist, Golf Agronomy International, Williamsburg, VA


We go through all the painstaking efforts to do proper irrigation, but managing the water is really an art to itself. Aspen did a tremendous job in managing rainfall, flood control, drainage, sloping, all to direct the water where it needs to go. They even installed plastic liners at their cost inside the greens to make sure they functioned properly. They made sure our master plan was implemented properly and the timeline followed; it was not easy. There were many, many seven day weeks to get it all done and Aspen didn’t miss a beat.

Jeff Snyder
Golf Course Superintendent


Our members are on cloud nine. They are bragging on their course wherever they go. We never dreamed it could happen, but veterans of the famous Inverness and Firestone courses are now coming to experience golf at CIC. The kind of relationship that developed between Aspen and CIC simply doesn’t happen very often. The communication has been one-of-a-kind. In a word, Aspen was phenomenal.

Bob Griffin
Golf Course Superintendent


The onsite superintendents and corporate representatives were both professional and businesslike in their approach to the project. Our situation was such that an extreme amount of flexibility was required from Aspen. We found them to be quite capable and willing to work in this environment. Aspen would be our contractor of choice on future projects and I have no doubt that they would perform equally as well for others as they have for The Country Club of Virginia.

William C. Harris
General Manager The Country Club of Virginia